Integration Partners

Integration Partners

Vemotion software has the flexibility to integrate with solution-based features for specific applications. This could allow remote control of encoders to enable a remote device to stop low bandwidth transmission and then capture and send a high quality image of a specific situation before returning to normal transmission. Another option is the ability to add alerts. For example, SMS messages can be sent to mobile staff advising them to take a look at a particular transmission. Operators can also ‘drag and drop’ incoming video feeds onto selected remote mobile handsets to provide an instant view of the most critical information to any location.

Vemotion Integration Partners include:


icomply enable integration with multiple unconnected CCTV and security applications into one unified front end via our CCTV software GUI (Graphical User Interface). The innovative security control room software, V-TAS Pro, combines CCTV Command and Control with integrated security software. Your control room is more efficient, intelligent and accurate with our video surveillance software.



Extona integrate with the Vemotion IP based wireless video encoders so that video captured by their EXB-200 body worn recorder products can be streamed in real time back to the operations centre over 3G/GPRS networks.



Tecton are designers, developers and manufacturers of Closed Circuit Video Equipment ( CCTV ) for commercial, security, government and broadcast applications. Established in 1987, Tecton products include video multiplexers, switchers, video titling equipment, digital video recorders, IP transceivers, Network recorders etc. All Tecton CCTV products are designed and manufactured in Great Britain.