Low Bandwidth Video – From the scene to the control room

Vemotion low-bandwidth video solutions comprise three elements: an Encoder, a Vemotion Streaming Server and a Viewer.

The Encoder is a highly efficient video compression and transmission tool that allows Vemotion to transmit quality live video over very low bandwidth connections, such as 3G, 4G and GPRS, reliably and effectively supporting applications such as wireless CCTV. The Encoder application is responsible for maintaining communications with the Vemotion Streaming Server and delivering live video from any camera in a highly optimised form, therefore making efficient use of network bandwidth and enabling support on low bandwidth mobile networks.

The Vemotion Streaming Server (VSS) is the hub of the Vemotion solution and connects the Encoders and Viewers to the Network Operations Centre (NOC).

Vemotion solutions can be configured to meet each customer’s specific requirements. Integration with existing assets and infrastructure, including a wide range of cameras, iComply video management software and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR ) systems is supported.


Software basedFlexibility to integrate with third party software to enhance solution’s value. Option to add new features for specific applications.
Hardware IndependentWorks with industry standard hardware. No need to invest in new hardware to enhance security and surveillance. Allows utilisation of the existing infrastructure such as CCTV camera, IT equipment and servers.
Dynamic low bit rate adaptionSupport for low bandwidth video connections increases the number of possible applications and conditions in which the surveillance equipment can be used.
Standards-based softwareIntegrates with third party applications such as ANPR software, facial recognition software, mapping software and GPS information.