Video Encoders


The Video Encoder is a highly efficient video compression and transmission tool that allows Vemotion to transmit quality live video over very low bandwidth connections, such as 3G, 4G and GPRS, reliably and effectively supporting applications such as wireless CCTV. It is responsible for maintaining communications with the Vemotion Streaming Server and delivering live video from any camera in highly optimised form, therefore making efficient use of network bandwidth.

Encoding parameters can be controlled and managed so that the optimal settings can be found for any particular network conditions. A very low bitrate transmission will save on data costs or, where bandwidth allows, the encoding quality can be increased to take advantage of higher transmission speeds and deliver high quality live video images. The encoding parameters can be changed quickly and easily by an operator, either working locally to the Encoder or remotely from a central location.

Vemotion Video Encoders can capture video from almost any video source, including analogue and IP cameras, making this solution ideal for wireless CCTV. Vemotion can also provide integration to many DVR/NVR installations, allowing video feeds from any cameras attached to a CCTV system to be brought into the Vemotion Streaming Server and made available for remote viewing.

Once the Encoder is deployed, it requires a connection to the internet. This can be provided in many ways, depending upon the situation, but a common way is to provide a 3G, 4G or GPRS router with a SIM card. This will use the mobile network to connect to the internet and then the encoder can begin sending live video data to the Vemotion Streaming Server.