VB – 10: Mobile Encoder

Mobile Encoder

The VB-10 Mobile Encoder is a unique mobile application that will allow the capture and real-time transmission of live video from the camera on your mobile phone.

The VB-10 has been designed to be the ultimate in portable and snap-reaction solutions, maximising existing equipment and networks in order to transmit real-time live video from a scene or incident back to the operations control room. The VB-10 system lends itself to both overt and covert use and is the most lightweight solution in the Vemotion video encoder product range.

The VB-10 is simplicity itself, being contained in an Android and Windows Mobile phone application. Simply open up the app and it will connect to the video camera on the phone and transmit live video to the control room and other operatives. The video can be transmitted over low bandwidth GPRS or higher bandwidth 3G or 4G, if available.

The power of this solution can be integrated into other systems such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). The user can point the phone camera at the vehicle registration plate and transmit the video to the control room where the images can be passed into the ANPR engine and the results sent back to the mobile handset.

The Benefits of Vemotion

Vemotion’s highly efficient H.264 based video compression is optimised for very low bandwidths, meaning live video will be delivered reliably, even from the most challenging areas. The system is designed to be ‘plug and go’, is highly reliable and does not require any specialist SIM cards or expensive airtime contracts. Furthermore, allowing you to control the bandwidth used at any time means you are in complete control. As with all transmission technologies, seeing is believing – so call us for a demonstration.
The Vemotion VB-20 unit provides reliable and quality video transmission over low bandwidth networks such as GPRS and 3G, even in the poorest network conditions and most remote locations.

  • Reliable stream technology provides live video from a small unit
  • View live footage transmitted from remote locations to the control room over GPRS/3G
  • Connectivity even in demanding network conditions
  • Multi-screen view of video feeds
  • 3G not required for connection
  • Ease of use increasing speed of set up and accessibility
  • No special SIM cards or airtime contract required
  • Fully flexible – deploy to your specific operational requirements