Remote Client Viewers

Vemotion uses an application for mobile phones and PCs to allow personnel at remote locations to view the video streams that are being transmitted from the remote Encoders over the GPRS/3G/4G network to the Vemotion Streaming Server.

Selected Vemotion video streams can be sent out from the server over the GPRS/3G/4G network, satellite 802.11 or other IP network or physical radio network(s) to remote operatives or locations.

Vemotion actively controls the video encoding parameters according to the conditions available. Encoding parameters can be changed on-the-fly, increasing video quality as needed and increasing the number of possible applications and conditions in which the surveillance equipment can be used.

Remote access can be from a laptop, mobile phone or PDA. There are three versions of the remote client: the Single Channel Stream Viewer, the Multi-Channel Stream Viewer and the Stream Manager.