Temporary, Flexible Video Streaming for Real Time Data and Improved Decision Making for the Homeland Security & Defence Sectors.

Homeland Security – Example: Monitoring of public gatherings and sporting events in areas such as parks and football grounds where flexibility and crowd control are of vital importance and often fast moving.

A voice message can convey less information and take longer to convey the situation than a moving picture. With Vemotion, CCTV cameras can be rapidly deployed to key locations, offering coverage that would not otherwise be possible and, as situations change, or targets move, so too can Vemotion maintaining coverage and relaying accurate and timely information. This allows key command personnel to decide on additional resource requirements or an appropriate response to rapidly changing situations.

Vemotion can be located within a vehicle to stream video back to a central control room, giving a live view of what is happening. Operators on the same Vemotion system can also send back streamed video to the control room from their body-worn solutions and viewing can be switched to allow continuous coverage of a target – even if it becomes mobile.

Deployable units can be remotely operated with full Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) control allowing much improved safety for field operatives.

Example Scenario 1
A covert operational team take over a Safe House in an urban environment and need to deploy both a protective perimeter video screen and direct video observation of selective targets. Deploying a VB-40 (PC platform) allows up to 16 Analogue and/or IP cameras to be easily deployed from an individual location just using the domestic electricity supply

Example Scenario 2
A co-ordinated surveillance operation using man-borne, vehicle and direct feed CCTV needs to allow continual coverage of several targets across a variable geographical area. Equipped with vehicle mounted VB-30 units, man-borne and pre-placed static VB-20 units and linking in to direct feed CCTV through VB-40 units, the team can maintain coverage no matter where and how the targets move.

Example Scenario 3
Covert coverage is needed on an unobtrusive platform both for target acquisition and viewing. Utilising the VB-10 Android smartphone platform, covert teams can get up close and personal, sharing their live video output with other team members and both Central and Operational Control Centres simultaneously.


What do you want from a field deployable live video system?

Rapid deployment, easy and intuitive operation, alarm triggered, immediate visibility of approaching threats, robust and lightweight package, cost effective, uses existing communications bearers, record and snapshot capability.

OK, we can do that with both our VB-20 (body-worn) and VB-30(vehicle-mounted) products.
Vemotion’s capability can be deployed across all three tactical environments (land, sea and air) to offer live video surveillance for battlefield monitoring.

Vemotion’s encoders can deliver a live video (780 x 144-pixel resolution) picture over tactical radio or satellite communication capabilities that offers upwards from a minimum of 5 kilobits per second (kbps) at 1 frame per second (fps) up to 300 kbps at 25 fps. Higher resolutions and higher frame rates can be supported dependent on the available bandwidth and platform processing power.

Example Scenario 1
A Forward Operating Base with a ring of up to 8 video cameras on likely approach routes or perimeter blind spots covered by a single VB-30.

Example Scenario 2
A Forward Observation Point with a single video camera and VB-20 linked to remote ground sensor, break beam, pressure pad or contact breaker on a pathway or gate to give early warning of unexpected movement.

Example Scenario 3
A coastal maritime patrol boat shows a live video to an onshore or shipborne command centre of the contents, crew and passengers on a suspicious boat, receiving direct authorisation for response activities.

National & International Agencies

The ability to deliver quality live video wirelessly, reliably over often low bandwidth and mobile networks, has made Vemotion the first choice for a host of national and international agencies.

Ease of deployment, redeployment and the ability to securely share footage creates the opportunity for an unprecedented level of collaboration across departments, agencies and across regional and international borders as required. Vemotion’s work with some international agencies is privileged but its next generation compression and transmission technology has proven reliable in many challenging environments, for both overt and covert live surveillance, worldwide.

Police Force
The strength of the Vemotion solution lies in the collaborative power inherent in the technology. This power to share live streams wirelessly has seen Vemotion become the first choice for police forces, first responders and those required to work within the inner cordon in Britain and overseas. Police bodyworn cameras using Vemotion compression technology are at the forefront of both overt and covert surveillance operations.

As images can be viewed everywhere and anywhere; from a main control room, to a laptop or smartphone, Vemotion attracted the attention of the French Gendarmerie tasked with supervising one of the most famous sporting events in the world – the Tour de France. For anyone who needs to link assets throughout the UK, from Land’s End to the world’s end, Vemotion wireless technology is the strongest link in the CCTV chain. For le Tour, and the Gendarmerie, Vemotion has powered live video streaming from the lead vehicle for several years. When le Tour came to Britain in 2014, Vemotion was able to facilitate the collaboration between Police forces and local authorities in the north of England who needed access to the images from several camera deployments along the Yorkshire route of Le Tour.

Given the power of the technology, an incident picked up in the UK is usable as evidence for the Gendarmerie in France too; while the technology provided the ability to engage not just key organisational agencies but the stewards along the route too. The event was another demonstration of how international agencies can collaborate effectively and enhancing pan-European security in the process.

International transport networks
Vemotion has military and civilian capabilities so all data is safeguarded by Vemotion secure architecture. This is a vital consideration in an age where data security is paramount as much in civvy street as in military circles. A solution capable of delivering the required results, wherever you are, no matter what the network attracted the attention of RMT in Marseille and other national and international transport networks. (See our sister brand, Critical Streaming).

Supplying security solutions worldwide
As the reputation of Vemotion has grown, so has demand for its products and technical expertise. Vemotion now has active distributors in North America, Canada, The Middle East, Africa, the Far East, and throughout Europe.

Based in South Carolina, 4SPI has been at the forefront of offering covert and overt surveillance products for over 25 years. Established contacts with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies make 4SPI the perfect partner as Vemotion develops its brand footprint in the US security market. In Europe, partnerships with Commesh in Vilneus and Sippro in France are part of working more than ever in the European market.

While the Vemotion brand is a byword in the security and law enforcement markets in the Middle East and Western Europe, the demand for Vemotion solutions grows at a fantastic rate. Vemotion has undertaken projects in Russia in the past, and a partnership with Commesh is the perfect gateway to the southern Baltic States, Poland, and Belarus. Vemotion also now has an office in Paris to coordinate a developing range of activities on the continent.

Compatibility counts
When working with multiple agencies worldwide, inevitably the issue of compatibility is never far away. If you already have the hardware and are looking for a system that will work with legacy equipment, that is no problem. With Vemotion, users can be confident that everything will integrate flawlessly. Vemotion advocates open architectures, systems, and platforms, providing maximum flexibility, longevity and return on investment. We are committed to making your existing platforms talk with each other and deliver the most effective solution possible if that is what your strategy and budget dictates.

Police & Homeland Security

Assisting the Police and homeland security agencies is a Vemotion speciality.

Providing everythig from a field deployable live video system and police body worn cameras – leveraging Vemotion’s bandwidth optimised transmission technology.

Vemotion’s encoders deliver a live quality video over a diverse range of networks including, GSPS ,3&4G, Satellite, offering upwards from a minimum of 5 kilobits per second (kbps) second (fps) to multi Mbps depending on requirements.

Used by Police forces around the world in a multitide of deployment scenarios including overt and covert camera, vehicles, airbourne platforms and personnel, Vemotion is relied upon to deliver reliably time and time again in critical environments.

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