The VB-35 is designed to MIL-810F for more demanding deployment scenarios.

An internal modem caters for Cellular networks to include, GPRS, 3G and LTE. Multiple routers can be added to the VB-35 so you have the assurance that when one network provider has issues you can comfortably switch to another to make sure seamlessly video is transmitted. The unit also has WIFI connectivity.

Both analogue and IP cameras are supported by the VB-35 with up to four analogue and multiple IP inputs. All the common analogue PTZ control camera protocols are integrated into the Vemotion software and the unit has both RS232 and RS485 outputs. 1080p IP cameras are also catered for and the

The VB-35 comes with a 750GB HDD as standard, this can also be upgraded to a larger size or SSD. External storage is also supported.

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