The VB-PCMN Mini Polecam weighs in at just 3.5kg (including bracket), and is designed to be the ultimate rapid deployment solution.

The Mini Pole Camera VB-PCMN is a perfect example of our ‘plug and play’ philosophy.

The Mini HD Pole Camera is HDTV 1080p and has 20x Optical zoom, along with continuous 360-degree pan and day night capability using Sony Starvis low light technology. Single person setup, coupled with high level durability and rugged weather proof construction means it can literally go anywhere, the camera enables high-definition video surveillance of large indoor and outdoor areas and provides great details when zooming in. Suitable applications include city surveillance.

Streaming live video is simplicity itself, while recording for HD cameras comes as standard – all high quality and ultra-reliability.

Using Vemotion’s intelligent software the unit will connect seamlessly to any network, be it mobile or Wi-Fi and from the moment you switch on, it will seek out the control room server and connect automatically. All the usual camera features (power, zoom, tilt, etc.) are fully available, plus the advantage of added remote video retrieval designed for wireless video applications.

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