Deployable Cameras

For temporary or permanent deployment real-time wireless CCTV camera applications, Vemotion’s PTZ Polecam rapid deployment CCTV cameras and body worn camera range, provide the ultimate ‘plug and play’ integrated mobile video surveillance solution.

Designed to deliver ultra-low latency, HD video imaging across GPRS, 3G, 4GLTE, 5G Wi-Fi and Satellite networks, Vemotion’s range of wireless video CCTV cameras provide highly secure and stable optimised video transmission, for a wide variety of applications.

Vemotion Polecam rapid deployment wireless video CCTV camera products are available in a number of options, including lightweight and small, and highly ruggedised.

Deploying the Vemotion Polecam range of wireless video CCTV cameras helps to keep running costs to a minimum, by negating the need for expensive airtime contracts. With complete control of bandwidth used, resolution and frame can be selected to suit the available bandwidth for security video streaming.

Delivering high-quality, low bit rate, low latency video streaming, over low bandwidth networks, all wireless video rapid deployment Polecams contain Vemotion encoders and recorders, and only require a SIM card and power to operate. Mains and battery powered options are available.

Polecam ‘plug & play’ deployable camera & encoder units:

Mini Pole Cam

Maxi Polecam

VB-PCRD Predator Ruggedised Polecam

Body Worn Camera

Body Worn Camera