Vemotion wireless CCTV video supports flexibility & cost savings for highway and traffic monitoring

Supporting highway and traffic organisations, Vemotion’s range of low latency, plug & play, live video streaming solutions can be used to provide highly secure and cost-effective wireless CCTV surveillance, for temporary or fixed highways, traffic monitoring and road construction and maintenance site protection.

Extending the coverage of authority hard-wired video surveillance systems to cover highway and road applications, deployable CCTV camera surveillance systems typically consist of static or PTZ cameras, camera domes, or tower masts. Deployable real-time camera surveillance can be used across a variety of temporary or permanent deployment CCTV applications by Local Authorities to provide proactive coverage of highways, monitor and react to traffic and incidents, enforce Health & Safety procedures, protect valuable road construction assets, and ensure health and safety procedures are correctly adhered to during construction, maintenance or road infrastructure updates.

Temporary deployment surveillance

Temporary deployment CCTV cameras provide effective road and site monitoring for bus gate enforcement, bus lane enforcement, box junction enforcement, traffic flow, accident alert, and special event road network construction and management. To effectively keep traffic moving, live information from cameras can include detection and statistics of traffic flow, average speeds, space and time headway, space and time occupation, vehicle type and queue length, and traffic status.

CCTV cameras can support traffic management where congestion and traffic queues are frequent, and where there is an increased risk of accidents and traffic incidents. When used for traffic surveillance, cameras can either have a fixed field of view – for example, when used to monitor traffic and provide alerts – or be equipped with a pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) capability to allow operators to have a wider field of view of larger areas such as roundabouts, gyratory systems and junctions.

Local Councils often have good CCTV coverage in areas easily served by fixed cable infrastructure, typically within inner cities. However, the costs and disruption involved in connecting additional traffic cameras in outlying, remote areas, or areas of historical significance with restricted opportunities for traditional cabling and groundworks, back to a central control room has hitherto excluded their use. In this scenario, Vemotion streaming solutions can provide the answer, where they are proven to provide simple, cost-effective remote CCTV coverage for road networks, economically connecting them to an existing fixed camera network.

As a highly cost-efficient, alternative solution to fixed position cameras for traffic monitoring, Vemotion wireless transmission technology can be used for the remote monitoring of driver behaviour in real time and in review via high-definition recorded footage. Vemotion technology ensures a dynamic CCTV solution that will keep pace with rapidly developing hotspots or changes in road infrastructure across an entire road network.

Moreover, wireless camera extensions to existing hard-wired CCTV networks can be achieved quickly and cost-effectively in response to requirements – versus the slow, costly and disruptive installation of new coax/fibre cable infrastructure.

Maximum flexibility

Maximum flexibility

Vemotion’s unique range of wireless video (streaming) encoders and cameras enable flexibility for local councils choosing to maximise their surveillance budgets and efficiency – and to be more proactive at including highways, traffic monitoring and penalty and fine enforcement into CCTV systems and control rooms that have already been financed.

Now, previously difficult or costly to achieve camera surveillance monitoring of highway applications, whether temporary or permanent can be achieved – benefitting from simple installation, ease of use, low running costs, and real-time evidential quality video.

This surveillance flexibility enables not only real-time traffic and flow conditions to be monitored but, aligned with ANPR camera technology provides increased opportunity for highway incident prosecution, fines or toll enforcement – a further offset to system set-up costs and a deterrent to reduce future incidents.

Often mission critical and with multiple system stakeholders, traffic monitoring and behaviour system images can be required to be shared amongst more users than just highway, roads or town centre control room operators. For example these could be public feeds, event managers, or highways and emergency services. Vemotion wireless transmission can provide any authorised user, wherever they may be located, with instant live or recorded footage for security, health and safety or operational purposes. This affords traffic management contingency plans to be drawn up in conjunction with stakeholders such as the emergency services or other road operators.

SIM card savings

Sim Cards

Compared to other streaming solutions, Vemotion streaming technology provides substantial cost-of-ownership savings, as they do not require special SIM cards to operate, such as those with a fixed IP address. In fact, any mobile SIM card can be used to stream the best quality camera images available, allowing CCTV system operators to take advantage of the best performing local network coverage, allied to and the most economical SIM pricing plans. This advanced functionality allows Vemotion wireless video transmission to be automatically transmitted in the best quality but without racking-up increasing costly bandwidth usage, or reaching the monthly data cap.

This unique ability wrings the most efficient use of data from pre-paid SIM cards, to yield substantial cost savings for system operators, with data savings as high as 97% possible whilst retaining high-definition picture quality. And in the event of poor data connection, Vemotion images can also be stored locally and wirelessly downloaded for analysis later, so no vital footage is ever lost.

Meeting the demanding needs of Public Space Surveillance system operators, the versatile range of Vemotion live streaming HD video transmission can be used over GPRS, 3G, 4GLTE, 5G, Wi-Fi and Satellite networks, enabling live video surveillance and play-back solutions for any mobile, rapid deployment, temporary, or permanent deployment CCTV video surveillance application.

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