Drones – real time eyes on remote assets – an alternative, reliable communications path to add value and extend operational use.

Vemotion video transmission technology revolutionises the traditional drone/operator/management relationship and delivers key operational advantages for companies using drones for remote inspections, support or reconnaissance.

In the event local video transmission over radio is lost, due to distance and bandwidth, Vemotion V-Box technology provides the drone operator with an alternative communications path using cellular networks to see and control the drone. In addition, it can simultaneously provide live feed to a control room and remote operatives anywhere in the world.

Vemotion technology enables companies to make real time management or support decisions based on live footage from drones and provides an effective command and control solution.

Regardless of what your drone is used for (remote asset inspection, surveys, construction, environmental, surveillance or other uses), our technology will deliver a reliable live feed in the harshest environments and ensure you remain in control and keep connected. Globally.

To find out more about how Vemotion streaming solutions can help to tackle the varied challenges in establishing highly secure and cost-effective camera surveillance, contact us today.