There are a number of ways to view live video streams through the Vemotion solution.

At the heart of the transmission system is the V-TX transmission protocol which is optimised for keeping the streams reliable and consistent, even over harsh network conditions. This V-TX protocol is much more appropriate for this kind of application than standard video delivery protocols such as RTSP for example. Wherever you use a Vemotion client viewer, you can be sure it is using the V-TX protocol. If using a third party viewer then Vemotion translate that protocol into standard RTSP.

Vemotion live video stream viewing software is designed to give you full control and access to the Vemotion capabilities through the Vemotion Streaming Server. This includes selection of encoder, camera switching, recording control, bandwidth control, GPS, recorded footage review and download, PTZ control and more. Simply log in to each Vemotion viewer to connect and view.

For third party viewers, we deploy the V-Proxy software which will translate the video stream protocol into RTSP/Onvif. Note that we do not transcode the video at this point, simply pass it to the VMS of choice in the correct ‘language’.

Vemotion Viewer product options:

  • V264Player software for Windows
  • Android viewer software
  • IoS viewer software
  • V-Proxy Onvif bridge software for VMS and Web browser viewing
  • Matrix Viewer software for analogue output (require relevant hardware)

To find out more about how Vemotion streaming solutions can help to tackle the varied challenges in establishing highly secure and cost-effective camera surveillance, contact us today.

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