Telehelp provides your operational field force with answers and advice in real time

Ever had a problem to solve that you’ve had to explain to someone and wished that they could see exactly what you are trying to describe?

Your field operatives will come across this problem on a regular basis and will either have to call someone out or try to explain the problem or situation verbally. The process can be both frustrating and time consuming.

Imagine if this could be done by real-time video. Allowing your experts to see the problem in real time could allow you to reduce your operating costs and improve your efficiencies.

Telehelp with Vemotion allows you to do just that. With our VB-10 encoder and viewer, your operational field force can access and consult expert opinion and advice in real time without the need for them to actually be on site. Moreover, if you are using a Service Centre as a central resource response and allocation facility, then you can refer incoming problems to the appropriate on-call expert to view and advise using our live mobile video capability. Neither your operational field force nor your experts need to be tied to a desk or a specific location any longer.

Telehelp has immediate applications in a wide range of sectors:

  • Engineering
    For field technical staff to access the appropriate senior engineer for detailed professional advice, confirmatory authorisation to proceed or clearance for allocation of replacement parts.
  • Customer Technical Support
    Product Support.
  • Project Management
    Site supervisor to Project Manager, Site to Head Office, International/National site survey.
  • Service Centre
    First Line Maintenance and Technical Support.


Senior engineers with practical field experience are hard to come by and many lessons are learned the hard way. So, how can you maximise that experience and disseminate it to a junior or less experienced field engineering team cost effectively? Access specialised help, when you need it and where you need it with Vemotion’s TeleHelp capability.

How it works


Field engineers/technicians call in from their site to your central TeleHelp desk. You then have the option of referring them to a senior engineer or any other specialist and showing them the site as well as talking through the issues. Using appropriate cameras with our encoders, your field engineer can also show your engineer the inner workings of an engine, machinery compartment or an area where normal visual access is difficult.

If you’re interested in seeing how Telehelp can work with your engineers, click here for a free demonstration.

Customer Technical Support

There are few things more frustrating that trying to solve a problem, with the clock ticking, an impatient colleague or partner anxiously looking over your shoulder and the knowledge that the person most likely to be able to help cannot see what you can see.

This doesn’t need to be your problem anymore: with Vemotion’s live remote video capability, your customers or suppliers can show you the problem so that you can resolve it promptly. The result is happier customers, more effective technical support and more cost effective support operations.

Example Scenario

You have a complex engineering design task for which your component supplier is manufacturing a specialist part. Innovative design rarely works first time, therefore the iterative process requires your constant input and supervision. Normally this requires you or your engineering staff to visit the site regularly during the design and prototyping process. With Vemotion’s video capability this can be accomplished more efficiently and with cost-savings from both travel and subsistence. The result is greater efficiency, better use of resources and a capability which pays for itself within the first year.

If you’re interested in seeing how Telehelp can benefit your customers, click here for a free demonstration.

Project Management

You don’t have to be there to see what’s going on. Imagine an international construction project, with a Programme Director or Project Manager running many projects across a number of continents. Regular site status checks or progress discussions can be managed by using Vemotion’s remote video transmission systems to connect the site foreman / supervisor with the responsible Project Manager. Cost of implementation is quickly re-imbursed from travel and subsistence expenses and, because Vemotion’s systems work over 2G, 3G and LTE (4G) networks, you can have video access to your global operations from anywhere you can get a mobile signal.

Example Scenario

Project managers can view work progress or potential issues on site through remote viewing of the onsite CCTV or through the VB-10 smartphone application handheld by the Site Foreman or Supervisor. Most importantly, for international projects, this can be achieved globally – thus offering massive reductions in travel and subsistence. Photos can be altered, pre-shot and post-dated – it’s extremely difficult to bluff a live onsite video.

If you’re interested in seeing how Telehelp can improve your project management, click here for a free demonstration.

Service Centre

Your operations are typically dispersed in branches around the country, or even a number of states and countries. Your operating systems are effective but you have recurrent problems that need a prompt response to keep your customers happy and your field staff working efficiently.

The Service Desk / Call Centre can help with an immediate response or can refer to a specialist, but it’s so much easier and quicker if they can see the problem as well as hear about it.

With Vemotion’s video capability deployed in the regional branches on rugged mobile handsets or smartphones, your remote employees can show the Service Desk operator the problem they are facing and get a fast, efficient response. First Line Maintenance is therefore easier to accomplish, cheaper to fix and your systems get back up and running much faster.

Example Scenario

Operating through a Managed Service Centre, large organisations can offer a much higher degree of First Line Maintenance (FLM) and technical support whilst reducing the cost of provision and increasing device availability. Use of the record facility enabled on Vemotion’s viewer products allows video to be captured on a remote server for storage and re-use – perhaps for staff training or incident investigation purposes. Due to the low bandwidth used by the Vemotion solution, stored video takes up much less storage space than traditional video and can be easily transmitted via an email attachment.

To find out more about how Vemotion streaming solutions can help to tackle the varied challenges in establishing highly secure and cost-effective camera surveillance, contact us today.