Greatly enhancing streaming performance, the industrial standard VB-300u multi-media encoder delivers extremely low latency, high-quality images, even over low-bandwidths. Supporting 2 Full High Definition (FHD) cameras and simultaneous streaming of two FHD streams, the new encoder can also locally record video footage using its on-board 2TB SSD. For installation flexibility, the VB-300u can be used within a wide temperature range of 00C – 550C and for installation where space is at a premium, the compact VB-300u measures just 11.7 x 12.9 x 6.8cm.

Capitalising on the latest 4-core Intel processor technology, the new VB-300u delivers its market-leading low latency and high-quality images transmitted at efficient bitrates, even when deployed within the most challenging of wireless (GPRS, LTE, 3G/4G/5G, Wi-Fi and Satellite), or wired (UTP and fibre) network conditions.

Designed to be ‘plug & play’, ONVIF compliant, and suitable for a wide variety of mobile (taxi, bus & coach, truck, train) or general video transmission applications, the rugged and compact design of the VB-300u makes it ideal for any streaming application, whilst the on-board SIM carrier ensures easy integration into any mobile network.

Employing Vemotion’s latest streaming technology, the VB-300u can provide substantial cost-of-ownership savings, as it does not require special SIM cards to operate, such as those with a fixed IP address. In fact, any mobile SIM card can be used to stream the best quality camera images available, allowing CCTV system operators to take advantage of the best performing local network coverage, allied to and the most economical SIM pricing plans. In short, the VB-300u’s advanced functionality allows streamed video to be automatically transmitted in the best quality, allied to the lowest possible bit rate, to avoid users racking-up costly bandwidth usage and quickly reaching their monthly data cap.

To find out more about how Vemotion streaming solutions can help to tackle the varied challenges in establishing highly secure and cost-effective camera surveillance, contact us today.

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