Products Overview

Vemotion wireless video transmission products have been designed to deliver ultra-low latency, real-time streaming video and audio over even the most challenging of wireless conditions, to enable a host of varied applications, notably, rapid deployment and mobile video surveillance.

Employing highly efficient, optimised video compression and transmission technology, Vemotion real-time wireless video transmission solutions are easy to set-up and use, and offer highly reliable performance.

Designed to be truly ‘plug and play’, Vemotion wireless video transmission products do not require any specialist SIM cards or expensive airtime contracts. In addition, complete control of the bandwidth used at any time enables the choice of resolution and frame rate to be transmitted. Vemotion software enables dynamic switching between low and high bandwidth video streams, dependant on a network’s capability, adjusting the video quality to suit.

Supporting full and independent remote control for each connected IP or analogue camera, Vemotion wireless video transmission solutions feature incredibly low latency and high-quality images at efficient bitrates.

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