Streaming Server

The Vemotion Streaming Server (VSS) is the hub of the Vemotion solution and connects the encoders and viewers whilst providing user management and permissions function.

The Vemotion Streaming Server (VSS) is software based and can be delivered as a software package for customers to install in their own hardware. If preferred Vemotion can also supply the hardware and we can also host the server on its secure data centres.

The VSS must have network access and a fixed IP address in order to allow incoming video transmission connections from remote encoders to transmit the video and also remote personnel or locations wishing to view the video feeds. Typically, this will be an internet connection provided through corporate networks, ADSL or even 3G or 4G via a suitable router. The connection type depends upon the number of live Wireless Video transmission streams and clients allowed to connect to the VSS.

The streaming server can be licensed to allow a specific number of remote encoders to connect to it. Once the encoders are connected, then the live video being transmitted to the VSS can be accessed by any authorised viewer. This means that a single live wireless video transmission stream being transmitted from a remote camera can be instantly viewed by many users at the same time, either using Vemotion viewing software or third-party VMS solutions.

Vemotion Streaming Server options:

  • Linux OS software only
  • Windows OS software only
  • Hardware server option – tower or rackmount
  • Hosted Solution on Vemotion Datacentres
  • Onvif Bridge for integration to Onvif VMS platforms
  • Analogue output hardware for integration to legacy matrices

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