Cost Effective Public Sector CCTV Solutions for Local Authorities – Applications: Fly-tipping, Enforcement, Parking, Housing

In today’s economic climate, it is important for Local Authorities to ‘spend to save’.

Local Authorities throughout the UK continue to feel the pinch of budget cuts, and the prohibitive cost of traditional wired and fibre connections makes deployment of new, or upkeep of existing, cameras difficult.

Vemotion provides cost effective CCTV coverage in outlying areas or more central areas not adequately covered by the existing fixed camera networks. Used for remote monitoring for such things as antisocial behaviour and fly tipping and we offer a highly cost efficient alternative solution to fixed cameras that, unlike traditional CCTV, can be up and running within hours rather than weeks or months.

Vemotion enables live video feeds from cameras in outlying and remote areas to be transmitted over standard GSM mobile networks back to the Authority’s CCTV control room, making this a cost effective and viable solution.

We have solutions that can be run on a standard smart phone that will stream live video from the handset back into a control room, which can be re distributed to those that need to be kept up to date with events as they unfold.

To find out more about how Vemotion streaming solutions can help to tackle the varied challenges in establishing highly secure and cost-effective camera surveillance, contact us today.