Real Time Video Streaming Solutions for Transport Security and Logistics

Transport security, by definition, is a sector that challenges traditional CCTV solutions. Vemotion supplies live streaming options that have been specifically designed to service the highly demanding and complex requirements of the transport and logistics industries.

CCTV has always played a key role in securing cash in transit, but other applications for Vemotion are both varied and many. These applications include – but are not limited to – helicopters, private security (including government), and shipping.

The solutions supplied give high quality live video access to both on-board CCTV cameras and recorded data, via the mobile phone network. Most importantly, this connectivity includes the ever present 2.5G (GPRS) network that is often the only available network in less densely populated areas both here in the UK, as well as the rest of Europe.

As well as the mobile phone network the technology is developed to run over other low bandwidth networks, including satellite, and is currently used in the marine industry.

To find out more about how Vemotion streaming solutions can help to tackle the varied challenges in establishing highly secure and cost-effective camera surveillance, contact us today.