Vemotion video encoders are easy to use, plug and play, highly efficient video compression and transmission components that allows Vemotion to transmit quality live video over very low bandwidth connections, such as 3G, 4G and GPRS and satellite, reliably and effectively.

Using our highly acclaimed video encoding techniques we can achieve very good results at low bandwidths, much better than traditional and standard systems. Also by using the Vemotion V-TX protocol to deliver the video across the network you can achieve ultra low latency and reliability as oppose to standard video streaming protocols such as RTSP.

Encoding parameters can be controlled and managed so that the optimal settings can be found for any particular network conditions. A very low bitrate transmission will save on data costs or, where bandwidth allows, the encoding quality can be increased to take advantage of higher transmission speeds and deliver high quality live video images. The encoding parameters can be changed quickly and easily by an operator, or automatically by the encoder, as available bandwidth fluctuates.

Vemotion Video Encoders can capture video from almost any video source, including analogue and IP cameras, and provide on board storage in the highest quality, provide multiple simultaneous output streams, and also provide alarm and trigger functionality.

The encoders come in a variety of forms which allows the customer to choose the best option for each given deployment scenario.

We can provide software encoders, hardware encoders, and even fully integrated camera systems so we have all bases covered. Each product works in the same way but delivers a different number of features specific to each application.

Ease of use is a high priority. There is a lot of complexity involved in providing video services and Vemotion wraps all that up in an easy to use and reliable system so the customer can get on with their job without worrying about the technology… simply pick which encoder is best for your job.

Encoder Range:

VB-200 2-channel live video encoder & recorder

VB-300u Compact industrial streaming encoder & recorder

VB-300 Compact industrial streaming encoder & recorder

VB-400 High Capacity Hybrid Encoder and Recorder

OEM – High and Low Bandwidth Video Encoder PCB’s