Providing support for local authority and Public Space Surveillance (PSS) system operators to tackle the varied challenges in establishing highly secure and cost-effective camera surveillance beyond that of existing fixed cable camera networks, UK manufacturer Vemotion, is promoting their range of low latency, low-bandwidth usage, live video wireless (streaming) CCTV surveillance solutions.

Operational Challenges

When considering the choice of new fixed, or temporary CCTV camera locations, town and city centre owned/leased fibre-optic networks can prove restrictive, due to the nature of installing fixed cable infrastructure, with the associated high-cost and disruptive groundworks required. For this reason, local authorities are increasingly turning to rapidly deployable ‘wireless’ camera transmission solutions to keep-up with their security surveillance requirements.

Vemotion’s range of unique wireless video encoders and Polecam cameras enable a multitude of remote camera surveillance applications to be deployed. This flexibility allows organisations wanting to maximise their surveillance budgets and efficiency, to be more proactive at keeping pace with the changing and expanding surveillance requirements of the city, such as changing road infrastructure, hotspots of anti-social behaviour, or use on outlying housing estates previously beyond the reach of traditional CCTV transmission.

To support multiple surveillance system stakeholders, selected Vemotion streamed images can be distributed to any number of authorised users, for the viewing of live or recorded camera playback footage by the police, transport officers, housing officers and estate managers, for security, health & safety or management purposes.

In addition, using Vemotion’s streaming app, users can be automatically notified of any incident activated by a defined event, such as motion detected movement or an alarm, useful to protect secure areas or property. On activation, the Vemotion app sends an email to relevant personnel, which includes a link to the triggered incident and associated streamed remote video. Operators can then choose to review, pause, rewind or zoom into the scene of interest, to review the event detail as it happened. To save on network (GPRS, 3G, 4GLTE, 5G or Satellite) bandwidth and costs, high-resolution camera video resides on the edge, within the Vemotion encoder. This advanced functionality enables optimised lower resolution video to be streamed live, and when required (on demand), a HD quality stream of the incident footage can be downloaded – saving on network data costs and providing effective visual verification and identification of people or vehicle registration numbers.

As well as automated incident alerts, the Vemotion Viewer app’s functionality allows users to view any live footage of interest, pause or rewind it, or adjust the live stream’s resolution and zoom-in. As the only data being streamed is the picture being viewed, zooming-in delivers the detail required – but without increasing costly bandwidth usage.

Depending on the event scenario, Vemotion streaming allows CCTV control room operators requiring more incident detail to choose different viewing options, such as Picture-in-Picture, or dual feed, enabling them to monitor continuing live events, whilst simultaneously reviewing incident detail. This functionality supports fast and accurate resolutions to incidents.

SIM card savings

Compared to other streaming solutions, Vemotion streaming technology provides substantial cost-of-ownership savings, as they do not require special SIM cards to operate, such as those with a fixed IP address. In fact, any mobile SIM card can be used to stream the best quality camera images available, allowing CCTV system operators to take advantage of the best performing local network coverage, allied to and the most economical SIM pricing plans. This advanced functionality allows Vemotion wireless video transmission to be automatically transmitted in the best quality but without racking-up increasing costly bandwidth usage, or reaching the monthly data cap.

This unique ability wrings the most efficient use of data from pre-paid SIM cards, to yield substantial cost savings for system operators, with data savings as high as 97% possible whilst retaining high-definition picture quality. And in the event of poor data connection, Vemotion images can also be stored locally and wirelessly downloaded for analysis later, so no vital footage is ever lost.

For further information about Vemotion’s comprehensive range of software and hardware wireless streaming solutions and Polecam deployable cameras designed to extend surveillance reach beyond fixed cable infrastructure CCTV networks, Vemotion can be contacted on Tel: +44 (0) 330 097 2796, email: