Vemotion produce high quality and reliable live video streaming solutions, working across a variety of markets, meeting the needs of many different customers and applications.

Unlike standard or off-the-shelf systems Vemotion solutions are optimized at all stages, being specifically designed to suit low bandwidth or unreliable network conditions, such as satellite or cellular networks.

Vemotion’s highly efficient, flexible encoding and streaming techniques offer quality and reliable wireless video transmission and give customers an out of the box answer to the challenges of getting live video from a to b.

Live video is captured at source and is encoded to be transmitted over any network, including mobile, GPRS, 3G/4G, Wireless 802.n, microwave links, satellite and broadband, with minimal latency and high quality.

The video is then fed into a central server, either on Vemotion’s hosted platform or in the customers network, and then to clients for viewing. Users can simultaneously view live video feeds from remote and mobile field locations, as well as in the control room, using both Vemotion software and third party Video Management Systems.

Vemotion offers a range of both hardware and software options, providing clients with a fit for purpose, cost effective solution for their live video transmission needs.

As well as being highly reliable, Vemotion’s products are simple to use (Plug & Play). The range includes discrete and covert units, body worn systems, ruggedized in-vehicle systems, pole mounted deployable cameras, rack mounted systems and software codecs.

Vemotion understands the importance of high quality customer support and service. Our support options range from full site surveys, consultancy services, commissioning, server hosting, training/education and airtime packages. We also have a customer support and technical helpline.

Some clients prefer the simplicity of our one-stop-shop service. This option removes complexity and avoids some common but expensive pitfalls associated with the deployment of live video in a distributed environment.

Every situation has its own challenges – for example, Bandwidth, Latency, Reliability, Plug and Play, Problem Analysis and Resolution and Total Cost of Ownership.

Vemotion will take everything into consideration and deliver a solution that works for you and your budget. To find out how we do this, see our downloads page.