The VB-10 from Vemotion is a unique app that can be used on any Android or Apple device allowing the capture and transmission of live video and audio.

The unique VB-10 encoder app allows you to live stream real-time video and audio from a wide range of Apple and Android devices, from standard smartphones and tablets to specialist Ex rated and intrinsically safe equipment for hazardous environments.

It has many easy to use features that facilitate bandwidth efficient live streaming from remote operatives in the field, with GPS location detection. It offers a covert background mode for those wanting to hide the video being streamed during covert operations.

The app allows switching between front and back cameras of devices it’s downloaded to. It allows your devices to connect to USB and Wi-Fi cameras, so extending their usability.

VB-10 live streams can be viewed from the control room, or remotely by other field operatives simultaneously, keeping everyone in the picture.

The VB-10 app makes use of Vemotion’s optimised video compression and unique, low latency, V-TX transmission technology; technology which is fully encrypted and secure. This further differentiates the VB-10 app within the marketplace, while delivering ease of use and rock-solid performance.

All Vemotion’s products are designed to be ‘plug & play’, to be highly reliable, and to put you in complete control of the bandwidth used. They also work without the need for any specialist SIM cards or expensive airtime contracts, so keeping usage costs to a minimum.

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